Confused by Canvas

Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member

After a few weeks of online schooling through Canvas, I feel like a grandma trying to search something up on the internet. Where am I supposed to submit my homework, and why is this assignment locked even though we still have two days to complete it?

I don’t care what anyone says because I am convinced that Canvas is evil. Maybe it’s just a facade for Halloween, but I’m positive that Canvas is setting me up to fail. 

What even is organization anymore? Every single day, I check each class’s modules, assignments, and discussions tab to make sure I haven’t missed anything that I need to do, and sometimes, my paranoia yells at me to check it twice more. Even then, I occasionally miscount the number of assignments I need to complete and spend the last hour of the day scribbling down words and furiously typing away at my laptop after checking in with my friends. Of course, maybe writing everything down in a planner would help, but honestly, I forget to write down just as many assignments. 

On top of that, the assessments my teachers assign are even more confusing. Last Tuesday, my teacher gave us a quiz through Canvas, telling us that it was due on Thursday at 11:59 PM. That night, I set out to complete said task, only to find a lock symbol with the words “Access Denied” written in bold letters. I frantically emailed my teacher, desperate for more time. All night, I wondered whether I’d be given a second chance. All night, I wondered what had gone wrong. Like a monster under my bed, the uncertainty kept me up. I woke up to a drastically shorter life span and a new message in my inbox from my teacher, calmly stating that she had clicked the wrong button and of course I could have more time because the quiz wasn’t even due yet. 

Not only is Canvas confusing and hard to navigate, but it’s also causing my life to be shortened by several years due to stress and anxiety.

One thing’s for sure: Canvas is all trick and no treat.