Pencil lead dealers


Emma Decasa, Editorial Board Member

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just give you pencil lead. And these heroes come in clutch at just the right moment. We all know the feeling of sitting in class about to take a test when you click your mechanical pencil and have the horrifying realization that you’re out of lead. Panicked, you turn to your desk neighbor and quickly ask if they have any lead. At this point, as most people are, you’re desperate. When they give you a quick “yes” and turn to their pencil pouch, you revel in the sense of being saved. You get your lead, thank them, and start your test. But it’s more than that–that person was your savior. So to the pencil lead dealers out there, this is for you. We thank you for your service and ask that you continue your humble, life-saving good deeds.