Park your problems

Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief

Calm down. The parking situation is fine.
Since before school started, people have gone ballistic over the new parking system. Instead of having specific spots, people can now park anywhere in the campus parking lot. And it’s completely fine.
Half the uproar is over people without parking passes sneaking into Liberty to park. People who come in late might not get a spot they paid for. But if there are truly no spots, you are supposed to park in visitor parking and talk to Mr. Kinsley. That isn’t me giving a suggestion, that’s the school’s policy. You’ll get a late pass and everything will be OK.
The same degree of uproar happened last year when the doors were locked. It happened when Mr. Liberty was cancelled. But do you know what happened every time? People got over it. People adapted. It’s the same situation. There’s no need to be upset over something so trivial. Frankly we’re all lucky we get so much space to park.
So Liberty, calm down. You’ll be okay.