What’s good on…where’s the beef?

Khanh Dao, Staff Writer

It’s what keeps our bathrooms’ soap supply running, our parking lots civilized, and our world spinning. The “beef” is an essential human right as much as it is a human need. I’m referring to vocalized grievances, by the way, not the flesh of a certain herbivore. As homo sapiens, we can’t help but notice the flaws of the world (and in ourselves) every day, and to put a lid on our dissatisfaction is just toxic. A beef unvoiced turns into pure negativity, but if you say it out loud, the problem might be fixed. Just think of what beefs have done for the world: the Suffragettes were beefers, and so was Dr. King and now some frustrated high school journalists. Trust me, if you have beefs occasionally, you’re being productive members of the community. Even Oscar Wilde once said, “Discontent is the first step towards the progress of a man or a nation.”