The power of Kahoot!


Khanh Dao, Staff Writer

The pulse of the room quickens, eyes frantically scan for the correct response, and students hold their breath in hopeful anticipation—only Kahoot! can do this to a bunch of dozy teenagers. That’s what makes Kahoot! the most powerful educational game. Trust me, this isn’t sponsored.
For one, Kahoot! boosts classroom dynamics like no other learning tool. A study of 384 students at Norwegian University of Science showed that compared to a paper quiz and Clicker (a simple polling device), Kahoot! was far more effective in improving students’ engagement, concentration, and enjoyment.
Why, you ask? The Norwegian scientists say it’s in the use of points and audio. Kahoot!’s simple yet catchy tune somehow speeds up neurotransmission in our underdeveloped brains, allowing us to give accurate responses at ever-increasing speeds. Okay, they didn’t exactly say that, but I’m sure many of you can attest to my personal experience.
The point system raises the excitement in the classroom to another level. I recall sitting on the edge of my seat in Ms. Antrim’s AP Human Geography class freshman year, eager to beat my knowledgeable classmates in the AP exam review Kahoot! game. The constant threat of losing my correct answer streak forces me to be as alert and focused as I can be. And even when I have to face the dreaded red screen, Kahoot! instantly tells me the correct answer, which I will remember for longer than the ones from any written answer key. A year later, I’m proud to put two-time AP Kahoot! runner-up on my resume. Just kidding, I wish I could.
Besides assessing knowledge, Kahoot! can also be used to gather opinions and connect eager learners from far and wide. The AP World History International Kahoot! Battle, for example, brings together hundreds of high schoolers from within and outside of the United States every year. Currently, there are 50 million monthly Kahoot! players in over 200 countries.
Kahoot!’s unparalleled ability to excite students and to connect classrooms from all over the world makes it one of the most exceptional educational tools to date. With that said, if I ever win the AP World History International Kahoot! Battle, I’ll definitely put that on my resume.