Let me pee in peace, please

Jake Hopkins, Opinion Editor

It’s passing period. You’ve only got five quick minutes to get to your next class, which is easily a three-minute walk away, but you’ve gotta use the bathroom first. You walk into the bathroom and are assaulted by the smell.
Now, I know bathrooms aren’t supposed to smell like sunshine and daisies. A room designated for people to take care of “business” is bound to have some foul odors, especially the boys’ room. But it is not the smell of excrement that invades your sinuses. No, it is the smell of someone smoking weed in the bathroom stall.
Twice in just the past month I have experienced this. I know many people have reported seeing, or rather smelling, similar things.
If you don’t run into someone actually smoking marijuana in the bathroom you are almost certainly going to stumble upon a group of sophomore boys huddled together passing around a Juul.
Now, of course, I could talk to you about how juuling is becoming more of a problem, now more and more kids are doing it. I could try to talk to you about how nicotine consumption at a young age has been shown to impair lung and brain development. Or I could tell you that a 2017 study found that after just 18 months of juuling or vaping you are four times more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes.
But you’ve heard all that before. If you haven’t changed your mind yet, I won’t be able to.
Please find another place to do it; I would like to be able to pee in peace without having to be in a room that smells as if it was used as a mango storage facility.