Studying with LibertyMathandStuff

Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief

The night before a big test can be a stressful one. You have no idea what’s going on and the clock is ticking. For most, they simply give up and go to bed. But those who study within the hallowed halls of room 5235, this is only the beginning. For Thomas Kennedy has a humble little Youtube channel (aptly named LibertyMathandStuff) that serves to help students review for upcoming tests. While it may sound useless, it is a godsend to those (read: everyone) who desperately need to understand what’s going on. He answers questions and even interacts with students during the livestream. If you’re lucky, he’ll absolutely destroy someone in the chat. And it’s still educational. Kennedy’s livestreams help you when you’re at your lowest and raise you up to godlike levels of mathematical wizardry. His livestreams are truly wondrous, and a masterclass in how to truly help students. And yet we’re still waiting for a face reveal.