Creating a sea of spirit


Ashtyn Sakamoto, Opinion Editor

Painted faces. The victory cry. Patriots decked out in all their Liberty gear. There’s no feeling quite like being in the home stands at a Friday night football game, surrounded by a sea of blue. Why can’t we create this same feeling of unity at school? Spirit assemblies and spirit days are great opportunities to show our Patriot pride. Patriots making the effort to exhibit school spirit have such a positive effect on our school, which is radiated by their unique outfits and passion for the Liberty community.
Each year, I look forward to the class competitions during Homecoming week, as I’m sure many of us do. Even if every class loses the victory cry to the seniors at the Homecoming assembly, it marks a time where we can all come together to show enthusiasm for our class.
Without a doubt, spirit days simply make high school better. You can walk confidently down the hallways at Liberty wearing a Superfan cape, modeling a head to toe silver outfit for the classic “Silver Storm”, or sporting a bright pink tutu for Patriots in Pink week. At no other time in life will you be able to be clothed in such distinct wear, and all for a good cause.
Or take the annual Snowcoming week: five days of back to back spirit days help lessen the burden of coming to school, especially when everyone is craving winter break. I know I’d be more eager to come to school on Pajama Day, or Lumberjack Day. And in March, whether or not you know what SPLIEK stands for, you can still dress up and express your Patriot Pride. ASB plays a huge part in encouraging Patriots to bring their spirit. In fact, they plan spirit weeks during stressful times of the year to help students get excited to come to school.
While some students prefer not to dress up for spirit days because it can be viewed as inconvenient, that mindset hinders a strong sense of unity. Dressing up and cheering are easy ways to show support for both our school and our sports teams. After all, you’re only a Patriot for four short years; why not make the most of it?