Door-opening angels

Allison Rafert, Opinion Editor

While walking to class on the familiar route that I’ve used for the past three years, I absentmindedly exit the cafeteria and head down the stairs. The steps appear eerily unoccupied, and as I reach the concrete floor, I suddenly realize why: the outside doors have been locked! Burdened by my crammed backpack, I am reluctant to walk all the way back up the stairs. So, instead, I press my face up against the glass and anxiously wait for the sight of a student inside the building. Soon, my worries are eased, and I pound on the door to get someone’s attention. Luckily, one student turns his head at the clatter and jogs toward my forbidden entrance to unlock it. I often find myself locked behind these glass barricades, so I am eternally thankful for the door-opening angels of our school.