The reclaim bin is your new cornucopia

Elise Sickinger, Backpage Editor

Just imagine: you’re starving. Every morning you wake up, quickly get dressed, and rush out the door to Liberty—no time to pack a lunch—yet you’ve forgotten your wallet, and can’t buy food either. Every second you go without food is another second your stomach spends growling. You dart into the Patriot Bistro, and scan the area near the plastic utensils. Suddenly, like a beacon of light shining through the darkness, the lunch lady sets down the reclaim bin. That glorious piece of tupperware soon begins to fill with the unwanted food discarded by ungrateful lunch-goers. You dive your hungry hand into the bin and draw it back, finding it filled with bread, carrots, and delicious fruit. Finally, your stomach will be satiated! Not only is the reclaim bin an amazing resource for hungry Patriots, but it is conveniently located in the Bistro itself. Now that you know where it is, you’ll never go hungry again.