Families on their phones

Aria Soeprono, Opinion Editor

Heads down, earbuds in, voices off. Walking into your favorite restaurant, there is no cacophony of voices and conversations; it is silent. The only sound reaching your ear is the clang of dishes in the back and the sound of the restaurant staff calling orders. The strangers posing as families surrounding you are silent, their faces illuminated by the other-worldly glow of their tablets and phones. Earbuds in, voices off; this is the new age of no socialization, no family ties. Whatever it is must be so important that they need to be paying attention to it, rather than their family members. Examples of such important things usually include passing the next level on Candy Crush, checking the number of likes you got on the picture you just posted of your food on Instagram, or responding to the most recent Snapchat from the person you like. Strangers just sitting around tables, thousands of miles away, heads down, earbuds in, voices off.