What’s good: Kahoot-making reviewing fun

Bridget Ury, Photography Editor

Your shaky finger hovers over your phone waiting for the choices to appear on the screen. The apprehensive music fills your soul and makes your heart beat faster. You read the question and know you know the answer. The second the shapes appear on screen you tap the triangle, confident in your choice. What magical game are you playing? Kahoot, the single best way to study and compete at the same time. While you relearn everything that escaped your mind you can actually have fun. What other way of studying allows students to crush their classmates in competition while also learning? And the nicknames! Choosing a single name that represents you may just be the hardest part. Students hardly ever have the chance to put on their competitive side and win all the bragging rights, or candy if they’re lucky. And getting to the top of the leaderboard? Incredible. There is no better feeling in high school than winning Kahoot.