The importance of asking for help

Mehul Krishna, Staff Writer

Imagine sitting there stuck on your Of Mice and Men essay. You are confused with Steinbeck’s deeper meaning and unsure how accurate your analysis is. You just feel that your essay is a mess. You want to ask for help, but you know you need to master these skills on your own. If you ask for help, you fear your teacher’s disappointment. I’ve seen this situation played out too many times at Liberty.
There is a misconception that the “smarter” kids do not ask for help. People believe they are naturally gifted and excel with academics. Similarly, in honors and AP classes, there is a misconception that students should be entirely self-sufficient.
Nevertheless, you cannot succeed without help. You need some sort of support even if you’re a 4.0 student or a straight C student. However, there is this stigma at Liberty that asking for help is taboo. We are supposed to be self-sufficient, and asking for help undermines the ability to be self-sufficient.
Without help, you would not get better or improve. If you think about it, this is opposite of the fundamental goals of school: gaining new skills and showing improvement. By asking for help, you are taking charge of your learning.
In high school, you should not let confusion slide. It is our responsibility to recognize our weaknesses, and fix them. If you are unsure about the difference between positive and negative gene regulations or how to solve a quadratic, then you should work to fill those holes by asking for help.
Additionally, it is important to take advantage of your biggest resources: Your teachers.
It is your teacher’s job to educate you and make you understand the concept.There is no shame in asking for help.

Beyond school, asking for help benefits you in the workplace. Your employer would not like it if you cannot perform your job correctly because you are confused. You would be expected to ask clarifying questions. In addition, asking for demonstrates that you care about your work, and you desire to improve yourself. In the end, it will keep you in good graces with your boss.
So, the next time you are stuck on a concept, take the time to ask a teacher or friends for extra help or clarification. Learning to ask for help is vital to becoming a stronger student and citizen.