Put your positive pants on

Katherine Sergeeva, Staff Writer

We’ve all had that moment when we look at our
surroundings with a negative perspective. That moment when you evaluate an essay covered in pen marks, and watch your GPA drop. That moment when you sort of sink into yourself, and write a bitter message to your friends over text. Instead of thinking about the possible correction points you could get from fixing your mistakes, you believe there is nothing you can do to better your situation.
Although there was moment when a brighter day seemed like a mere fantasy, and it felt like all you could do was hide behind your bedroom door and declare to the world that you need its sympathy, remember that being positive is a choice, and all you need to do is lift your spirits with a more optimistic perspective.
Before you get into a hopeless mindset where depending on others seems like all you can do, consider that there is always a way to help lessen the bitterness weighing you down.
It seems as though high schoolers care about certain things enough to rant about them, but not enough to initiate change. We must understand that there are so many ways to better our condition with a positive outlook, rather than merely clinging to the sympathy of others through endless strings of cynical complaints?
When you choose to be positive, you hold your life to a new standard. You can see the potential in everything and how all misfortunes can be helped. After all, positivity helps keep you going when you’re down, and getting away from that mindset will boost your self-esteem.
When you embrace hope, you no longer depend on others for happiness; you are the reason for your own satisfaction. Realize that your friends are going through struggles as well, and you can be the one helping others instead of them only helping you. You can invoke happiness in others, and your positive attitude will set a quality example.
So, if you’re ranting about something to your friends, take a moment to consider that you could change your situation. After all, you are responsible for the actions you take, and the of the world depends entirely on your perspective. Every positive decision you make will help you build your confidence and develop a better environment for you and your friends. Let go of the negativity, because being positive is your choice.