Hooked on desk hooks

Katherine Sergeeva, Staff Writer

Imagine if your backpack was flung to the ground every day, slowly being covered with the grime and muck of public high school carpets? Picture having to bend awkwardly to the ground every time you need something from your bag. Think of your teacher walking to your desk, only to be tripped by your dirty, lumpy bag. The shame! Thankfully, our school has desk hooks to keep your items hung up safely by your side. Thanks to desk hooks, you’ve never had to worry about forming a new obstacle for your teacher or your fellow classmates to jump over. These hooks help manage your stuff while keeping it at a reasonable distance. A perfect solution to the average, forgetful student’s leaving their homework in their locker. You should appreciate these hooks, which keep you more organized, efficient, and tidy.  So next time you curse your desk hooks for poking your sides, remember that they help make an easier life for you. Desk hooks, they keep you hanging in there.