Beef: Touchy-feely people

Chloe Winn, Staff Writer

You are sitting at the lunch table when all of a sudden you feel a pair of arms constrict you and a voice say, “Guess who?”. You muster the inner strength to not slap their arms away and remind them for the umpteenth time that you do not want a hug. Another time you are talking to someone, and they put their hand on your arm. You barely contain your annoyance and gently peel their hand from you. Countless times throughout the day people find some reason to have their skin make contact with yours. Touchy-feely people please contain yourselves! Some of us do not want to be touched, we feel like the young child whose great-aunt encases them in her suffocating hold everytime she sees her. Your overbearing, smothering, “well-meaning” hugs or touches are unwanted. So next time you go up to someone, please think twice and refrain yourselves from enfolding us in your deadly grip.