Beef: Toilet paper, where ya at?

Mary Russell, Editor in Chief

With a full bladder and one minute already lost from the short passing period, you whip off your backpack and sprint towards the nearest empty stall. You rush as much as you’re capable, hoping to make it to your next class on time. Reaching for the toilet paper, your stomach suddenly drops. The stall has run out. Sadly, this is a situation that is well known to all Liberty students. Liberty bathroom dispensers are sometimes out of stock, and in this situation, a solution is difficult to determine. Although reaching underneath the stall to the left is effective, there is always the possibility of completely traumatizing the quiet student who has been secretly sitting there. A tragedy nearly equal to this is an empty paper towel dispenser. Let’s face the facts: walking out of the bathroom with either dripping hands or wet streaks on your jeans is less than glamorous. So the next time that you see an empty dispenser of any sort, please, tell someone who can help to spare your fellow Liberty students.