Beef: Got trash?

Anthony Alegrete, Senior Writer

Imagine a world where you have to clean somebody else’s disgusting and smelly room. Doesn’t sound great, huh? However, the same principle can be applied to when you leave your garbage scattered across the lunchroom, expecting somebody else to clean it up for you. Just like it isn’t your responsibility to clean a random person’s room, it also isn’t anybody else’s responsibility to clean up after you at lunchtime. Nobody wants to be swimming through a sea of old chip wrappers and apple cores to get to class on time, or having to make trash-angels instead of snow-angels. Many people strive to keep our school clean by wiping up the milk you spilled on the floor or wiping up the sandwich you smothered into the table. These people spend their time cleaning up our careless actions. So don’t be the person who makes a mess.