What’s good: the printer that deserves our praise

Annabelle Smith, Feature Editor

It is black, plastic, and incredibly chunky. It is a sturdy collection of innumerable sheets of paper, bottomless pots of ink, and smooth, lustrous edges. It is faster than a speeding racecar, more trustworthy than gravity, and has been used more frequently than you use Snapchat while “studying.” Whenever you need it, the library printer is there for you. On the days when your own printer runs out of ink, or you suddenly remember the massive essay due next period, just head to the library for a crisp, warm, double sided copy of your work. No questions asked. Sure, it’s in black and white only, but beggars can’t be choosers. On behalf of all the students at Liberty, I’d like to thank Mrs. Olsson and the magical LHS-5203-Dell, for saving me and many other procrastinating and printerless students from sure demise.