Where’s the beef?: Unavoidable hallway errors

Aria Soeprono, Opinion Editor

The obnoxious bell lets out a loud ring as hordes of students rush into the crowded hall. Moments later, you feel a shove and are now sandwiched between the incessant whistler and someone who has not yet discovered the miraculous powers of deodorant. As soon as you catch sight of an escape from the offensive sounds and odors, an oblivious student walking before you trips over his laces, causing a major traffic jam as he stoops down to address the issue and refuses to move aside. Now, thoroughly annoyed, you awkwardly maneuver yourself through the crowd, quickly approaching a rambunctious group of friends that truly embrace the saying “slow and steady wins the race.” If only they spent half as much energy walking as creating unnecessary noise. As you prepare to avoid the commotion by moving to one side, you are nearly knocked off your feet by the one hurried person going in the opposite direction. Frustrated by the aggravating state of the hallways, you flop down in an exhausted heap in your first period class, hardly prepared to start the day.