What’s good?: Origin Edition

Sabrina Suen, Opinion Editor

What’s good? They’re two simple words that suddenly call us back from the spiral of negativity we are so easily drawn into. It’s a reminder that gratitude and appreciation aren’t just emotion we hold silently within ourselves, but gifts we are handed in an increasingly negative society. As humans, we tend to focus in on the things that annoy us. Whether it be this morning’s awful traffic or the student clicking his pen in the back of the classroom, we have a radar for the irritating. But so often this leads the vast amounts of good in this world to flow right past us, barely touching our consciousness before they are forgotten. It’s not until that what we had is lost, do we truly learn to appreciate what was always there before our eyes. So in the wise words of English teacher Steve Valach, let’s all take a moment to simply ask ourselves “what’s good”? and remember the incredible amount of things we have to be grateful for.