Netflix sapping students’ ambition

Wyatt Waters, Opinion Editor

Netflix: everyone’s greatest friend, and worst enemy. It provides us easily distractible students with hours upon hours of television shows, movies, and more. Thus, many of us drift into a stupor of watching episode after episode. It begins innocently. Perhaps your friend shares their Netflix account with you, or you purchase your own. Once you find a good show, however, things start to fall apart. Soon you’re watching 4 hour-long episodes a day, sacrificing time for friends, homework, and sleep just to keep watching. Eventually, you stumble into class one day, and say, “Huh? I had homework due today? Eh, that season finale was totally worth it.” While I can’t say that I haven’t been there before, I can say that this is a true blight upon the student population. Too many people come to school as zombies, and consequentially too many lose motivation to be the bright, energetic people they usually are. Ultimately, it is not a war against Netflix’s motivation draining powers, but rather a war against our vulnerability to it.