Why music is worth the treble

Wyatt Waters, Staff Writer

Whether it blares from your alarm clock in the morning, blasts from your car’s stereo on your way to school, or softly sounds from your headphones while you do homework, music is everywhere, and justly so. Regardless of if we admit it or not, music characterizes the best, and worst, moments of our lives, and provokes both internal thought and external expression in a unique, yet universal, manner.
Testament to its far-reaching influence over the thoughts and deeds of all people, music is, at its core, a pluralistic entity. In its current form, music exists not only as the popular genres, such as pop and hip-hop, but as a blend of diverse musical styles drawn from different cultures and time periods. In this way, the music we hear all around us is a reflection of the multiple, intermingling cultural currents that make up society as we know it.
Music, however, should not be depicted as some sort of monolithic entity, for in reality it means different things to different people, and thus there are countless different musical movements and schools of thought. For some, the best music spurs strong emotion and deep thought, while others enjoy music that is upbeat and easy to dance too.
Even within Liberty’s relatively small community, the music produced by and for the students here spans the entire spectrum, be it the jazz band, the variety of musical performances at the talent show and the battle of the bands, the choir, or the orchestra. While all of these events and programs of course benefit the musicians within them, they also afford others the opportunity to experience all the emotion and expression that music provokes in a real and personal setting. Consequentially, liberty’s music programs play a vital role in the culture of the school, and provide all students with captivating and enriching performances throughout the year.