We take eight classes, not one

Sara Flash, Opinion Editor

It’s Friday morning. The weekend is in sight. All you have to do is get through four more classes and hope your teachers will have mercy on you this weekend. Yet, first period starts and you are given four packets, two chapters of reading and the notice of an upcoming test. What’s worse? Your teacher justifies it by saying, “It’s okay. I bet the rest of your teachers will give you the weekend off.” Class after class the same situation occurs and before you know it, your entire weekend has been ruined by the stack of homework from each of the eight “most important subjects in our schedule.” While I am sure that all of our classes can provide us valuable life lessons, it is unrealistic to expect students to spend hours on end on every subject in our schedule. Teachers have to realize that their class is not the only one a student is taking during the year. While we would all love to spend all of our time and energy focusing on and perfecting one subject, that is just not possible.