There is a reason behind the “madness” of taking multiple AP classes

Izzy Hayden, Senior Writer

Every year we face the constant reminder that we should be challenging ourselves when choosing our schedule, and then later get referred to as ridiculous for taking multiple AP classes. It is time to stop bashing on kids who are trying to stretch themselves a little.
Now it is understandable why from time to time counselors or teachers might advise against students taking multiple AP classes. Maybe these students have not been successful in AP classes in the past, or maybe they are running for DECA president or going to be the next yearbook editor and should not overwhelm themselves. While these are valid reasons why counselors and teachers might advise against taking AP classes, there are many reasons why students should take multiple AP classes that are often overlooked.
First of all, the main reason anyone takes an AP class is to earn college credit, so since college tuition has been on the increase since the 80s, it makes sense for students of this generation to rack up as many college credits as possible while they are still fairly cheap.
Not only is it practical in general to take AP classes, but here at Liberty we are lucky enough to have an eight period schedule that allows students to take more classes, so rather than fill those periods with useless electives, why not take advantage of this schedule by challenging ourselves with multiple credit-granting AP classes?
Additionally, it is often times forgotten that AP classes are college level classes, so there is really no better way for students to prepare for college than to take multiple APs. Every class in college is essentially an AP class, so it is sensible to take these challenging classes now and learn how to balance the work that comes with them before paying thousands of dollars a year for our education.
There is more to a student than their schedule, and it is about time that people realized students who take multiple AP classes probably aren’t crazy, but instead they might just be on to something.