Quit your constant complaints

Tyra Christopherson, Opinion Editor

Some days, it seems like the only thing you hear is “I have so much homework tonight. I can’t even.” Or “On Friday I have three tests. What am I supposed to do?!” Whether you’re walking to English, sitting down in the lunchroom, or stepping onto the bus, the complaints are constantly irritating your eardrums like an incessant buzzing fly. Hearing everyone’s griping puts a dark cloud that won’t budge over your day. Each complaint buries your happy feelings further under a pile of dark, heavy thoughts, never to emerge again. This unnecessary complaining doesn’t do anyone any good, and dwelling on one’s problems just prolongs negative attitudes and creates a gloomy environment. We’re done with hearing about how much of a struggle other people’s lives are. We all have our own challenges that we’re trying to deal with, and constantly hearing about their difficulties only makes it harder. My only complaint: everyone else’s complaining.