Ditch the feuding and support each other

Izzy Hayden, Senior Writer

After copious amounts of training, practice five or six times a week, and weeks of intense focus, it all finally pays off. Your team finally gets the big W it was hoping for. High off the adrenaline that is bound to come with your success you take to social media to express your excitement, except instead of being met with support and congratulations from your fellow athletes, you are met with mockery and opposition. “You don’t play a real sport.” “Congrats on being successful in 2A; anyone can do that.” “Wow, thanks for blowing up my feed, as though we didn’t already know you won.” So much for We Are One, right? Why can’t we all just support each other and be proud of each other’s athletic success? We already have competition from other schools, so why the need for sports feuds within our own school? All these questions run through your head as the night dwindles down and you try not to let the jealousy of other athletes take away from your success, while also hoping none of your teammates reply to their petty comments and escalate the feud.