Why the Pacific Northwest is better than the rest

Sidney Ching, Staff Writer

Some may love the big cities, some may love the sunny coasts, and some may love the peaceful countryside. However, the Pacific Northwest’s cool, refreshing atmosphere, comforting, protective trees, and beautiful scenery make it, undoubtedly and unquestionably, the best place in the United States to reside.
The Pacific Northwest looks good year-round; it provides snow in the winter and cherry blossoms in the spring, splashes of colors falling from the trees in autumn, and a natural sepia filter in the summer. Where else can you go hiking in a dense forest filled with birds that can be heard, but not seen? Where else can you watch the sunrise on the top of a mountain with a fine mist, wiping perspiration from your forehead? Where else does the rain freshen the air, making it clean, pure and sharp?
The Pacific Northwest not only provides breathtaking nature, but the spirit of the people who live here is noticeably different than people who may reside on the East Coast or in the Southwest. We’re down-to-earth; we take life slower; we aren’t as enamored with superficiality. Take the 12th man for example. Our spirit is one large cohesive unit that thrives off of the energy we put out, and people feel closer to each other when they’re rooting for the same sports team.
The Pacific Northwest also holds an abundance of local farmers, and the intimacy of buying food that someone put in hard work to grow is more community-oriented than supporting mass-produced agriculture.
The Pacific Northwest produces some of the best innovators and philanthropists, like Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, or Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the co-founders of Microsoft. Perhaps the reason so many successful people started out in the PNW is because the rain drives people inside. This gives them time to think, gives them ideas, leads to them acting on those ideas and thus becoming successful inventors, authors, doctors, engineers, or architects.
The Pacific Northwest is truly a breathtaking, meditative corner of the United States that inspires, protects, and unites all of its residents; I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.