The constant countdown is just cruel

Tyra Christopherson, Opinion Editor

There are only 37 days until you have to commit to a college! You have 45 days remaining to prepare for your AP test! Just 79 days are left until graduation! As these dates come closer, well-meaning friends and teachers and parents and siblings make these anxiety-inducing announcements at an increasing frequency. It’s getting old. Everywhere you turn, people remind you of the looming deadlines in the coming months. News flash: we know these events are happening. We don’t need the constant countdown. All it does is stress us out. After three and a half years of hard work, seniors are supposed to kick back in the final semester of their high school careers before diving into the next phase of their lives. But when people constantly remind us about all of the upcoming dates, it forces us to worry about how quickly time is flying, and it becomes near impossible to actually enjoy the final moments of our senior year. So, please do your seniors a favor and let us treasure our remaining time in high school, rather than constantly bringing up the impending deadlines. Stop reminding us so much of the future and just let us enjoy the present.