Stop with the PDA

Kasey Winter, Photography Editor

It’s an average day at school and you’re walking to second period. On the way you pass a couple in the hallway. “I’ll miss you”, “I love you,” you hear them say as you walk by and all you can think is “Won’t they see each other in about an hour and a half? Are they really going to miss each other that much?” Then you see them start to make out in the middle of the hallway and you can’t get past them. All you want to do is get to class but you’re stuck in the middle of a make out sesh! Get a room! Finally you get past them and just as you think it’s over another couple stops right in front of you and decides to hug and look deep into each other’s eyes. You hear them saying how lucky they are that they have the most perfect girl and the most handsome guy. By this point you’re fed up with all the couples. You see them every time you turn a corner or pass a classroom and you finally come to the realization that there is no escaping the PDA of Liberty.