March Madness makes me mad

Nathan Christopher, Senior Writer

Everywhere you look brackets are posted on the walls. Walking down the hallways all you hear is how surely this will be the year Gonzaga finally wins the tournament. NCAA March Madness has taken over our school. Irrationally enough, however, teachers still won’t let us watch March Madness during class. These actions are inexcusable and are ruining our school’s March Madness experience. Why else would they schedule games during the school day except for us to focus our attention solely on them all day? Streaming the games with your phone sneakily tucked in the nook of your math journal just doesn’t cut it when you could be watching it on the projector. Teachers, listen up: it’s March Madness season. Yes, yes I understand that on the off-chance it might “detract from the learning environment,” but it’s still so unreasonable to withhold the games from us when you, the teacher, are sitting back at your desk with the games playing on your computer. Don’t tease us with captivating games during lunch in the cafeteria that go unseen and unfinished during our classes after lunch. Just one week for us to enjoy the madness of March, that’s all I ask.