Winter, we want snow!

Tyra Christopherson, Opinion Editor

It’s all over the news: a HUGE blizzard has swept through town, leaving four and a half feet of snow piled up in fluffy pillow-like mounds. The white sparkling powder cushions the landscape in a thick blanket of tranquility, covering rooftops and treetops. School was oh-so-tragically cancelled, leaving students with plenty of time to gleefully sled down slippery slopes, construct smiling snowmen with crooked carrot noses, and initiate city-wide snowball fights. Yet there’s one inexcusable problem. This exciting, large, magical snowstorm blew through other parts of the world, and it inconsiderately skipped over us here in Seattle. Weather, listen up: we’re in the middle of winter, and winter means snow. Why haven’t we received any? Yes, yes, I understand that it can’t snow all winter here in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s unreasonable to keep us snowless in Seattle for the entire winter. Just a couple of snow days are all we need. Just three or four inches of new snow will keep us happy. Don’t tease us with seven pitiful snowflakes; at that rate, it would be better to forgo the snow altogether. Patriots, go home and do your snow dances. Perhaps then winter will listen.