The books aren’t just furniture: take advantage of the books of the Liberty library

Brittany Toombs, Managing Editor

Every time I waltz into our library, I don’t spot kids engrossed in the hundreds of books the library offers. All I see is you scrubs printing off the CRO you forgot about until ten minutes before the lunch bell. . . which is understandable (happens to me daily). But the library is much more that its useful computers and convenient tables. It’s chock full of (you guessed it) books!! Read them! The library is filled with all the groovy novels you’re waiting for on your KCLS account, but they’re available without the wait time. The Liberty library has a book for everyone: scripts of one act plays for you thespians, beautifully illustrated Monet and van Gogh books, new YA fiction that even John Green would approve of, nonfiction books to fit your every curiosity, and sporty profiles on your favorite legendary teams. So next time you have a moment to spare before school or after printing out the aforementioned CRO, check out the incredible selection that the Liberty library has to offer.