Play it forward: support Liberty’s music programs

Issabelle Hayden, Senior Writer

Head over to the 1200 wing and what do you hear? Trumpets sounding? Voices harmonizing? The pizzicato of violins? All of the above? No matter which of our three musical programs is practicing at the time of your visit, you are sure to hear amazing talent flowing through those halls.
Liberty’s music programs have had wild success over the last few years. This year alone the programs collectively had six students qualify as All-State and/or All-Northwest musicians. To add to that, two choir students, Tiffany Yamisaki and Amanda Ross, were accepted into the national choir.
Despite their continued success, the music department has yet to see the same amount of support from the student body as other, more “popular,” programs and sports teams continue to see.
Why is it so hard for the student body to extend their support to these incredible programs?
What if the more popular programs at Liberty decided to pay it forward by extending their support to under appreciated programs like the choir, orchestra, and band? This could be as simple as attending one of their many performances throughout the year, or making an effort to take part in one of their fundraisers. What kind of effect would that have on the culture of this school and the students in those programs? I cannot imagine this having anything other than a positive effect.
Every Liberty program deserves to be supported by the student body, especially programs as successful as the ones that make up the music department.
So the next time you are feeling immense support from the student body, consider paying it forward. You never know what an impact your support can have until you have given it.