Growing up with construction has destroyed our high school years

Sara Flash, Opinion Editor

It all started when we were little kids. We were getting a brand new middle school – exciting right? But then, the construction started up…. And it never seemed to go away. Sixth grade passed and we lived through the horrors of hammers banging, the awful smell of tar being poured in the front parking lot and the constant shifting of our norm to fit our new building. Then seventh grade arrived and with that came the same abundance of loud noises and detours on the way to class. Eighth grade came and still the same thing. Leaving Maywood, we thought it had ended forever. We were moving on with our lives and learning to live without all of the constant distractions. But, just when we thought we could get away from it, Liberty started construction. 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade: all spent with long days of noise, distractions and being told “it’s all worth it!” We can’t concentrate now without all of the distractions of trucks and noises everywhere. Now in our college search our number one criteria is not location or majors offered, but if we are guaranteed to have a view of dump trucks driving by during our midterms.