Complaining about rain weighs us all down

Carlyn Schmidgall, Senior Writer

Just like every other A-day, you nearly drown as you trudge through the misty darkness to your first period class, conveniently located in a portable in the far reaches of the front lot. Shivering in your soggy hoodie, you slide into your seat. That’s when you hear it — irritated mumbles, annoyed grumbles, and bitter complaints about the rain. Sure, the seemingly constant showers provide plenty to complain about: soaked shoes that remain waterlogged all day, curled hair that deflates, straightened hair that does the exact opposite, puddles so large they require Olympic-level long jump skill to avoid, and running makeup that makes your face resemble that of an upset panda. But as residents of western Washington, what else do we expect? The rain is a fact of life. Though the complaints that many student have are understandable, they quickly become intolerable to the rest of us. We all have to put up with the weather, but we shouldn’t have to endure your gripes as well. Complaining won’t change the weather, so we might as well make the rainy season (read: the entire school year) a little more tolerable for everyone by trying to contain our meteorological grievances. It’s raining; it’s pouring, but the complaints are boring.