Candidate face-off: Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders

Sabrina Suen and Lorrin Johnson


Donald Trump isn’t exactly your ideal image of a president. From his obnoxious comb-over to his comments that border on hate speech, in the past few months he has left the country in a frenzy of confusion and fascination.
The press has dubbed him an evil billionaire, representing the corrupt, capitalist system of America. Yet, he has continuously dominated the polls, still leading at least ten points ahead of his closest competitors.
So clearly, despite that fact that he seems like a complete mad-man, he is doing something right.
The key lies in the fact that Donald Trump is challenging the status quo of American politics.
In the past few decades political campaigns have been run on two things: money and empty promises. The real reason that liberals and conservatives alike are terrified of Donald Trump is because he has broken the fundamental rule. He says what he truly thinks and isn’t afraid to break the glass wall of political correctness.
His sensational statements force us to look at our society with a bluntness and criticality that makes people vastly uncomfortable. One example this is his stance on immigration. While Mexican immigrants may not be the rapists and the criminals that Trump claims, they do come from the devastating poverty of Mexico seeking the American dream illegally. These people come into the country, take American jobs, and are paid under the table, evading the taxes and responsibilities of legal residents.
Trump’s comments may not be the most sensitive or factually correct, but they start an important conversation about the future of our national boarder. Perhaps it is time to protect America for Americans.
Donald Trump is radical, and radicals start change. Whether or not he represents the change we want for America, is a question he will have to answer if he makes it to the general election.
But for now, Trump has found a unique niche in the race, and he’s playing it perfectly.


It’s hard to be a liberal and not to like Bernie Sanders. Trust me, I’ve tried. From his annoyingly endearing, Einstein-rivaling hair, to his firm promise to purge America of corrupt corporations, Sanders is making a name for himself as the voice of the people. He is the down-to-earth, progressive alternative to Wall Street’s stingy BFF Hillary Clinton.
Yet behind this seemingly flawless progressive facade lies a man a lot more complex than people make him out to be.
Sanders has tip-toed around political labels for years. He’s been called a socialist, a progressive, an independent, but strangely, only recently a Democrat.
The Vermont senator actually holds his seat in the Senate as an Independent (meaning he is neither representing the Republicans or the Democrats). But, this hasn’t really bothered his supporters. Most of them love that he doesn’t associate himself with the capitalist monster known as the Democratic National Committee.
But maybe herein lays the problem. A politician that has to simultaneously cater to two masters makes for a very impractical presidential candidate.
On one hand, Sander’s entire campaign is hinged on the progressive vote. Therefore, he must be a bit of a pushover, i.e. letting protestors take over his rallies without saying a word. Is that the image of a leader we want? Somehow I can’t imagine even old school Senator Obama being so passive.
On the other hand, Sanders also has to serve the DNC in order to keep their begrudging cooperation. And he’s done this for years, from supporting Obama’s continual backing of Wall Street, to campaigning for John Kerry.
Bernie Sanders, despite his radical image, is just another politician playing the age old game. People see him as the face of change, but Sanders, inevitably, is just another Washington goon.
Unfortunately, in today’s partisan Congress, a radical president like the one he promises to be cannot exist. If elected, Sander’s legacy, like many of his predecessors’, will probably be nothing more than a field of overly idealistic, empty promises.


Wispy, yellow hair… Puffy, squinted eyes… Lips that remain enduringly pursed…
It may sound like I’m describing a naked mole rat in a wig that recently got Botox, but in reality I am describing the frontrunner of the Republican Party: Mr. Donald J. Trump.
His face has been plastered—much to eyes’ dismay—upon every media outlet in the U.S. for the past few months. His voice can be heard on every news and radio station.
Trump began his career as a man of business, building up his “empire” through the Trump Organization—a real estate giant.
This being said, he’s actually most well known for his toupee-esque hair and signature catch phrase, “You’re fired!” off of his television show, “The Apprentice.”
His campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” sounds like something off of a cheesy McDonald’s commercial. In other words, Trump knows how to lie blatantly to the public about what he is planning to serve them.
Trump’s campaign has thus far sounded more like a standup comedy routine than a legitimate political endeavor. So far he’s claimed that America’s unemployment rate is at 42% (try more like 5.5%), that a wall is the only solution to deal with Mexican immigrants, and that he has a great relationship with “the Blacks.”
As much as I would love to continue to make personal bashes on Trump ‘s ridiculous hairdo and statements, a larger, more pressing problem is at the helm of Trump’s run for presidency: Trump is making U.S. politics look like a joke. Can you imagine what other countries are saying as they witness the U.S.—a supposed world power— being trumped by a television celebrity who’s only goal is to make America “win again”?
I don’t know about everyone else, but the thought of the U.S. being dominated by someone who has provided the basis for more memes than platform points doesn’t really sit well with me.


It doesn’t matter what political party you align yourself with. There is no denying that Bernie Sanders is the most adorable politician vying to participate in the 2016 Presidential Election.
From his endearing Brooklyn accent, to his precious I’m-the-best-grandpa-ever smile (seriously, look this guy up), one can’t help but root for the 74-year-old potential democratic nominee.
Aside from his adorableness, Sanders is a true “common man” from modest origins. His father is a Jewish immigrant from Poland, and he attended Brooklyn College—often regarded as “the poor man’s Harvard”—for his first year of higher education. Claiming to be a Democratic Socialist, Sanders’ radical ideas are refreshingly youthful.
With his unofficial campaign slogan being, “Feel the Bern,” this septuagenarian knows how to appeal to the all-important young voter population. His focus on affordable—free, actually— college education may also be something of slight importance to that demographic (and by slight importance I mean top priority).
Sanders’ campaign also focuses on reducing the income inequality gap, supporting minority groups, and addressing climate change. As the longest standing independent in congressional history, Sanders’ isn’t afraid to speak his mind and stick to his word.
Sanders entered the race as an underdog in comparison to the Democratic darling, Hillary Clinton, but has quickly worked his way up the polls. Undaunted by “enemy” territory, Sanders spoke in support of gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose in front of Liberty University, an evangelical Christian university. Bold actions like these are attracting the attention of America’s masses.
Vehemently opposed to the participation of big business in politics, the Sanders campaign raised $1.5 million just in its first 24 hours— averaging $40 per donation, with all donations coming from average citizens.
Sanders’ uber-liberal agenda is definitely radical, but perhaps that is just what our country needs. In a nation plagued by wealth disparity and inequality, change is not going to stem from Super PACs.