Surviving AP abuse: the week before the test

Grant Rayfield, Online Editor

It’s the week before AP tests and you’ve never been this stressed before.  You have a 2000 word essay due for AP Lit, 180 homework questions to answer for AP Psych, six free-response questions to finish for AP Calculus BC, and a body systems project for AP Bio.  You had originally planned to be only studying for AP tests this week, but it seems that your teachers had other plans for you instead.  Rather than studying, you’re stuck with “review” work, assigned under the guise of being “for your own benefit.” But you know how to study on your own by now, so the new homework just piles up on top of the studying you actually wanted to do.  This isn’t to say that review assignments should be avoided at all costs, nor that non-AP classes should have to bend their knees to the AP schedule. But for AP classes to save the largest projects to be due the last week before the AP tests seems downright unhelpful. Just a few more weeks, you think to yourself, and you push on into your mountain of work.