Stuck in the Netflix black hole

Marthe Jatun, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the Netflix black hole? Once you’re sucked in it, you can’t escape. I mean, what’s better than lying in your comfy bed, watching something that makes you laugh, makes you happy, and seems to complete your life? Better than six hours of homework that makes you so depressed you end up crying yourself to sleep, right?

The battle of Netflix versus homework has never been, and will never be, a fair fight. You come home from a long and exhausting day of teachers pounding knowledge into your head. You have a bunch of homework to finish by tomorrow. “It’s only twenty math problems, just two pages of poems to annotate and just a short essay of five pages to write,” they said. You are thinking you can start after just one episode of your favorite TV show, but you end up lying in your bed watching episode number six for the day as the thought of starting your homework fades away.

So you end up giving up on your homework and just watch Netflix instead. So fellow Patriots, if you’ve resisted the Netflix black hole so far, don’t allow yourself to get sucked in!