Hurry up, admissions!

Trevor Sytsma, Editor-In-Chief

College application season was stressful enough. You wrote variations of the same essay describing your intellectual passion for butterflies more times than you care to count, and paid for so many SAT score reports and application fees that you know your parents’ credit card information a bit better than you should. But the application stress is over now, right?

Wrong. The end of application season really just marks the beginning of an even darker time in a senior’s life: waiting for admissions decisions. How can you rest, knowing that at any moment, someone somewhere could be judging the last four years of your life? What if admission officers don’t understand the allusion to Harry Potter you so artfully placed at the end of your Common App essay to show your appreciation of British culture? What if they don’t realize the singular brilliance of the club you created devoted to the mastering of whale sounds? You break into cold sweat at the sight of an envelope, and you wake up at night screaming at the mailman. Colleges, when you’re reading our applications, remember the admissions-angst sufferers, and get your decisions out soon!