Gum chewing? Yes! Gum under desks? NO!

Skyler Radford, Staff Writer

Imagine. Let’s say Bob sits down at his desk. He thinks it’s going to be a great day. A small itch begins on his knee, so naturally, he goes to scratch it. But, bam! His day is ruined, because a big glob of gooey warm gum lands on the top of his hand as he reaches under the desk. It’s still slightly moist and reeks of a combination of mint, bubble, and tropical flavors. Why must this happen? Why today? Why at all? Poor Bob suffered and had a horrible day, all because a fellow Patriot was too lazy to stand up and walk ten feet, or less, to the garbage can. Was it really worth it for that student to save his incredibly valuable energy by not walking those couple of steps? Think of it this way: our desks are brand new this year, and the school district spent a lot of money on them. They could be used for decades into the future, with hundreds of students using them. So ask yourselves, gum-chewers, is it worth ruining the days of many Bobs, to vandalize your perfectly new desks? Think about others before the next time you decide to be lazy.