Feeling sick? We’d all appreciate it if you just stayed home

Jacqueline Rayfield, Opinion Editor

Everyone knows the student who comes to school sick.

You are sitting in class as a myriad of coughing and sneezing echoes from the back of the room. At first you try to ignore it, but after an hour of focusing more on sniffling than studying, it’s just too much.

Or during a test, you try your best to focus on the questions, but you are constantly distracted by someone standing up to get a tissue. Every five minutes you are forced to hear indecent nose blowing.

How are you supposed to focus on history or science with these distractions?

If you are this sick scholar, we commend your dedication to learning. Really, we do, but if you are sick, please stay home.

If you are contagious, or in a condition where you and others won’t be able to learn, then school can wait. Get some rest, drink some orange juice and worry about school some other time.

You will not be able to absorb any useful information if you are spending the whole day feeling like you might throw up. Take a day off until you feel better. Your body will thank you.

While we all know that rest is important, one common excuse for going to school even in abysmal condition is that teachers make it too difficult to catch up when you come back.

It’s true that staying home can sometimes mean more work, but if you come to school and are not able to focus, you won’t be able to do your best work anyway. Teachers will also be willing to give you extra time to finish anything assigned.

For the sake of your health, your friends and your grades, stay home when you are sick.