Don’t feel guilty about your musical guilty pleasures

Brittany Toombs, Staff Writer

In the midst of discussing their favorite bands, even the most musically refined people are all-too familiar with the belittling tone and the passive aggressive question: “oh… you listen to them?” No matter how carefully articulated your music taste is, there will always be someone to metaphorically pull your earbuds out. Pop princesses and princes, rap masters, classic rock buffs, and alternative fans alike make fun of opposing music tastes. But poking fun at the top 40s or eyeing band shirts that look like they came from Mars is pointless. It doesn’t matter if you get your jive on with Maroon 5, Metallica, or Mozart. Music is supposed to bring people together, and by letting your pretentiousness go, you can open your ears up for a whole world of new artists. People who refuse, lose. Guilty music pleasures shouldn’t be guilty, they should be celebrated. Whether or not you are a hardcore-punk lover, a top 40s guru, or a frequent listener of 107.7 The End, life is just too short to pretend that you don’t LOVE Uptown Funk.