Advice from a Liberty graduate

Looking back from college

Rachel Wittenberg, Guest Columnist

Hey there, Pats! Although I haven’t been gone from Liberty that long, I think any graduate from my class could tell you that there are a lot of changes in the first semester away from high school.

I’m living in Phoenix, AZ, now, and studying at Arizona State University. Life is crazy, life is fast, and life is, honestly, amazing. I can say that Liberty prepared me way more for this experience than I ever could’ve expected, and for that I am grateful. Never once take the incredible teachers and leadership you have at Liberty for granted.

When I was asked to write in for the Patriot Press (which I miss dearly), I could really only think of one “lesson” that I wanted to leave for my fellow patriots.

On my first day of college, I was a Non-Profit Leadership and Management major. I was set, confident that I had chosen the right path for me. Two days in, that changed. There can be a huge difference between what you want to do and what you want to study. I was, and still am, very passionate, about service, fundraising, and work in the non-profit sector. But, those who know me wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I can’t sit through a single class that focuses on “the big picture.” I am a math and science NERD. I love equations and systems and the periodic table. I needed that in my life, and I needed to study that instead. I am now a Medical Studies (Pre-Med) major with a Mathematics minor. One day, I will work for a non-profit. I will carry out my passion for service, hopefully in a way that uses my new skills in the medical field. (Or, you know, any other path I decide on next.)

I urge you, Pats, to not stress about picking a major, about changing your major, or even about what school you want to go to (if that’s where you’re headed). So much can change, and that change is the BEST, man! Let it happen! Explore. Have fun.

And that’s all the big life lessons I have to share for now. Go Patriots (and Go Sun Devils).