Skills taught in electives have real world relevance

Sam Kelderman, Staff Writer

As Liberty students, we get so caught up in homework, college apps and final projects that it seems to take over our lives. Many of us are focused and determined to get the best grades possible and get accepted into the most prestigious colleges. But how many of the things that we learn in high school are really applicable in the real world? Will students be surprised by the amount of things they don’t know when they try to live in the fast-paced world of today? Such things include filing for taxes, owning a home, and budgeting. Preparation in high school for the real world is extremely important and students need more homework and teaching on how to be successful in the everyday tasks of life.
The Learn and Earn class I believe effectively teaches the basic standards about the little things we need to know in order to live happily in the real world. These necessities include how to apply for a job, how to get insurance, how to set up and use credit cards, and how to become financially literate.
All of the subjects learned in this class are definitely used and needed in the real world and that’s why the class should be a requirement for students at Liberty.
In short, it builds a foundation for our adult lives.
Additionally, woods, metal fabrication, and engineering classes should be implemented as core subjects. History, math, English and science are all extremely common subjects used in jobs, so it’s extremely important for students to learn the basics of these subjects in high school.
However, the basic skills taught in the woods, metal fabrication and engineering class are necessary in doing everyday tasks such as fixing a broken part in a house or car.
Being able to understand how to do the little jobs of the everyday environment will allow us to be less stressed and more efficient, allowing us to excel in our jobs.
Therefore, if we implement the classes that are not as commonly taken at Liberty, then our generation will be more proficient and well-rounded in the real world.