Landback’s treasures – the gift that keeps on giving

Brittany Toombs, Staff Writer

Though the Landback Performing Arts Center rivals many professional theatres in its facilities and utility, my favorite aspect of our theatre is the countless secrets and surprises it holds.

Last year, as a wide-eyed freshman directly imported from Charger-dom, the PAC was a mysterious cave of wonders – it seemed endless. I felt safe in our corner of Liberty – the home turf I craved as a capricious freshman. But the PAC is not only a cozy creativity alcove – it’s stocked with ceaseless surprises.

Memories of graduated drama kids have been left behind for incoming Patriot Player’s discovery. Delicate paper cranes hanging under a backstage stairwell are often rustled like a wind chime as flushed crew travel through the levels of the PAC. A graduated drama legend left behind his massive Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors costume under another stairwell, the vines creeping out of its hiding place as if it’s answering a call of encore.

I was shocked to discover a miniature Globe Theatre model in the male dressing room as my friends and I cleaned it after my first show. In the makeup room, a comical photo of our patron, Katherine Klekas, hangs – a tribute to her brief role as a prop on the Little Shop of Horrors set.

Landback’s gems are gifts that keep on giving. I can’t imagine the day when I know every inch like the back of my hand. Our PAC is a treasure trove for the Patriot Players to explore – but I won’t give too much away.

Thank you, Landback Performing Arts Center, for your constant entertainment and character; thank you for remaining the impeccably quirky backdrop to our creative endeavors.