Ca-ching, ca-chow, ca-choo: Buchli, we value what you do

Signe Stroming, Editor-In-Chief

Wander into Room 4845 on any given afternoon and you’ll find a cavalcade of chemistry and physics students, under- and upper-classmen, puzzling with equipment at lab stations, mentally straining against a Big Kahuna problem, and milling about until their turn to ask a question.

And in the center of it all—Mark Buchli, science teacher extraordinaire.

From when he arrives in the wee hours of the morning to when he leaves a near-deserted school in the early evening, Buchli is prepping complex labs for Honors Physics, planning future lessons for Chemistry, drafting recommendation letters, and mentoring students after school.

Somehow he manages to teach every class with contagious energy and unparalleled passion. This, above all, deserves recognition.

This year, while working on my student research project, I was struck once again by the personal attention Buchli devotes to his students.

The research projects exist out of his admirable commitment to providing students with opportunities in science. Although the research projects are student-driven, Buchli still spends a vast amount of time setting us up for success. A few weeks ago, he drove a few student-researchers, including myself, into Seattle to meet with scientists from our fields of study—during rush hour on curriculum night!

In the three years I’ve had Buchli for a teacher, not a single class could be called “easy”—and that’s exactly how it should be. He challenges his students with complex material and hands-on learning each day in his class. That’s where true growth happens.

And just how does he find time to keep up with all the sports teams?

So please, find some time and peppermint tea, and go thank Mr. Buchli.

Liberty is lucky to have him.