Wednesday: an afternoon-eating monster

Paige Hopkins, Staff Writer

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m sitting in class, glancing edgily at the clock every few seconds. Finally, the numbers flip to 3:35 and the bell rings. I jump from my seat and sprint through the hallways with urgency. Seemingly hours later I make it to my car, but, glancing at the clock, I realize precious minutes have already been lost. I jump in my car and zip home, but I can see those treasured minutes, considerably less on Wednesdays, just ticking away. By the time I get home, it’s nearly time for dinner. Completely disregarding the all-important after school snack, I bolt straight to the nearest table and start plowing through my homework at a speed that any teacher would disapprove of. But it’s only seconds later that my mom announces dinner, and two minutes after that it’s 9:30. How has the afternoon slipped by so fast? Well, the blame can be traced back to the extended schedule on Wednesdays. That extra 45 minutes may add more time to our classes, but it ravenously eats up our afternoons. There is simply not enough time to get everything done; I shudder to think what will happen the day I have stay at school late on a Wednesday. At that point, it might just be easier to camp out at school overnight.