More parking means more problems

Sara Bluhm, Photography Editor

It’s finally here. The day you have been waiting for ever since you first received that oh-so-sacred card of freedom that allows you to drive freely to and from school on your own accord. Tomorrow you are going to drive in to Liberty High in your sweet ride and park in your very own spot. After weeks of suspense and successfully overcoming the “Parking Spot Raffle”, you go out to survey your new territory. 267…268… 269! There it is! Joy sets in, only to be followed by disappointment in the realization that a portable ramp blocks the only entry point. For some students, parking is downright unbearable. “Light rain” brings heavy floods and rivers that make the Nile look weak. Construction has formed mountains of dirt that even the great Bear Grylls wouldn’t be able to maneuver. Students don’t want to have to bring an inflatable raft to cross the Liberty Great Lakes in the back parking lots. We want a spot that we don’t have to swim oceans and cross mountains to get to. We want a spot that won’t keep us more than forty-five minutes past school dismissal due to the general traffic. We want parking spots that we can use.