Vehicles scream “thin privilege!”

Sydney Dybing, Opinion Editor

Over the past year that I’ve had my driver’s license, I have become a practiced expert in parking enormous vehicles. Now, with a smaller truck, you would think parking would be an effortless task… WRONG! Practice only does so much good when your parking spot is barely big enough to fit your midsize SUV, let alone the two hulking minivans you have to park between every day. Additionally, despite every “normal spot” really being designed for compact vehicles, there is an extra ten or twenty feet of desolate, abandoned pavement at the end of every row that could be utilized for expanding parking spaces! There is no excuse for having spots so small that one has to re-park multiple times just to pull into a space where she won’t knock her neighbors’ mirrors off. And, as I’m sure most of the drivers and passengers journeying into the back parking lot every day have experienced, getting out of said vehicles is as much of a challenge as parking them in the first place, especially with the large backpacks of burden or sports duffel bags many Patriots bear. Parking in the school lot – in spaces we paid for – should be a privilege, not the ordeal it has turned out to be.